Our photographers

They're top-notch!

It goes without saying that if you want a fabulous shot of your baby or toddler swimming underwater, you'll need a fabulous underwater photographer. That’s why we hire only the very best and most experienced photographers - they're some of the best in the world at what they do - and then we train them for another year on top of that!

Ultra-professional photographers
Most of our photographers started out as scuba-divers and then took up underwater photography professionally. Many have won awards for their photos; others have published books with underwater photography; some have worked for the BBC or the MoD; one has filmed Doctor Who, and some have worked with the likes of Angelina Jolie. So rest assured that they really do know their stuff!

photo of Jim

They have to be top-notch!
Trust us - taking photos of babies and toddlers, underwater, isn't as easy as everyone thinks!

  • Our Water Babies wriggle around underwater—and then pop to the surface like a cork! So there isn’t much time, and they don’t exactly pose for the shot.
  • Sounds obvious, but water is wet and can get into the equipment. And lighting conditions underwater are pretty tricky too. Believe it or not, it's actually easier to take a photo in space - if you've got a rocket to get you there - than it is underwater!
  • Our photographers don't just point and click - they need to be able to hold their breath, lower their heart rate, handle heavy equipment and keep their hands steady. All while trying to capture that unforgettable shot in a split-second, and in focus!
  • And as well as being able to put small children at their ease, they work closely with our highly trained dipographers (dip-who?), watching to see how your baby moves underwater and adjusting their techniques accordingly.

So you see, when it comes to getting that stunning photo of your baby or child swimming underwater, you really couldn’t be in better hands. Ker-splash, ker-lick!