Water-savvy toddler saves herself!

Meet our little swimming superstar, Artemis! Now aged just over 1 year, Artemis (or Temi, as she is called by her family) has been swimming with Water Babies since she was just 8 weeks old.

Living on a yacht at Wellington’s Chaffers Marina, her parents were keen for her to start professional swimming lessons as soon as possible. And it was lucky that she did, as it was thanks to the skills she learned with Water Babies that she managed to save herself when she fell off the pier where their yacht was moored into the cold waters of the Wellington harbour.

“She was veering too close to the edge” recounts Clare, Temi’s mother. “I reached out to grab her – but unfortunately, she corrected herself back into my hand and bounced off into the water.”

Applying the skills that she’d learned, Temi was able to kick her legs and move her arms as she has been trained to do, and stayed afloat. “I simply reached in, grabbed her ankle and dragged her, soaking wet, back onto the pier” said Clare.

“When Temi fell off the pier,” she continues, “she knew what to do when she was in the water. I've always figured that she wasn't going to be able to freestyle swim to safety at such a young age, but her lessons have given her the ability to know what to do and keep afloat to buy the time that we would need to save her in a drowning situation.”

Which is exactly what happened, and why we do what we do. Well done, Temi - we’re super-proud of you!