A great way to grow a great business

The franchising model has helped us to grow the Water Babies brand into the success it is today. It's also enabled over 100 people across the UK & Ireland not only to start their own businesses but to employ other people and to live the lifestyle they’ve longed for! They've all the autonomy and excitement of running their own businesses, backed up by the business support of our head office and the mutual support of the rest of the franchise network.

Only the best is good enough for our Water Babies, so becoming a franchisee with us is a rigorous process - and running a franchise is hard work! But in return, they benefit from a ready-made and highly professional brand with an excellent reputation and great opportunities for success.

The Water Babies network is like a big family: franchisees talk to each other and our head office almost daily. There's a real sense of camaraderie, with everyone helping each other out for the greater good. And there’s a huge amount of professional experience to draw on, ranging from graphic design to health & safety, surveying, medicine, HR, marketing and IT.

We make it easy for our franchisees to be successful because we offer such great support with practical help and guidance on a range of topics from HR and IT to marketing, GST, operations, training and equipment.

Now for the rest of the world!

Given this success, we've now taken the very firm decision to expand into other countries and, after much research, are actively targeting The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - how's that for precision! We aim to find master franchisors and work with them to roll out networks of franchisees in each.

So if you’d like to explore franchising overseas with Water Babies, please email us or call +44 01404 548 348.