Your Water Babies story

From gentle floating, kicking and splashing, to wriggling, giggling and jumping in, here’s what to expect from your baby swimming lessons!

Your Water Babies story can last for just over 4 years and is divided up into lots of different ‘chapters’ – each one builds on the last and is full of lots of splashy fun! You can begin at the start of any chapter – and really, the earlier, the better (our youngest Water Baby was just 1 day old!).

One day old Phoenix enjoying his first swim!

Babies and toddlers just love being in warm water — and it’s really good for them, too. What’s more, in their first year, a baby’s brain grows more rapidly than at any other time, so it makes sense to start early and maximise their exposure to learning experiences in a variety of environments. And with NHS guidelines saying babies don’t need to have had their vaccinations before they can swim, it’s never too soon for them to become Water Babies!

Create precious memories with your baby

For many of our parents, their child’s first swimming lessons are among their most precious memories: memories you can treasure forever with your very own ‘Our magical Water Babies story’ keepsake book that we’ll send you when you start your first Water Babies chapter. This interactive book will help chart your little one’s swimming story, with Memory Boxes for you to write your own favourite memories, a special page to show off their beautiful underwater photo and spaces for the exclusive stickers they’ll collect along the way.

Record your Water Babies story with our keepsake book and exclusive stickers!

Our classes are kept small and the fun, relaxed atmosphere creates a sense of camaraderie within the group, with carers – and children – often socialising together afterwards. And don’t worry if you’re not a particularly strong swimmer – the water’s always shallow enough to stand up in, and rest assured you’ll never have to go underwater if you really don’t want to.

You'll be so proud of what they can do!

Together, we’ll teach your child to feel safe and confident both above and below the water. You’ll be amazed to see that, within a few lessons, they’ll be moving freely under the water. As they progress with the classes, they’ll move from the early days of enjoying the freedom and fun (floating, kicking and splashing about) to learning to swim independently.

Most of our toddlers can swim short distances by around the age of 2, and have mastered vital skills including how to turn around and hold on and, where possible, how to clamber out. All of this is a great source of pride for you and them (and us!), and offers fantastic safety skills should they ever fall into water. However, children lack the strength and co-ordination to swim properly until they’re 3 or 4: their little bodies just aren’t proportioned for swimming on the surface — so they won’t be learning front crawl just yet!

Brothers and sisters Caleb, Rowan, Gylfi & Jonty from Devon who've all swum with us!

We have lovely warm pools for you and your baby to enjoy

All of our pools are heated to a minimum of 30°C, and to at least a toasty 32°C for babies under 12lbs/5.5kg or 12 weeks old. A baby wet-suit or snug will also help to keep your little one extra warm (and they’ll come in very handy when you take them to other, cooler pools between lessons).

Improve your baby’s confidence and help to keep them safe

Swimming from babyhood, without the use of flotation devices, tends to make children supremely confident in and around water. They’ll love the joy of having a totally different underwater world to play in— although obviously they’re not fish, so you’ll still need to keep a close eye on them!