Our teachers

Local teachers with world-class training

Local teachers with world-class training

Many of our teachers are local parents themselves (and have completed the course with their own children), so understand exactly what you're going through. They’re trained to tune in very carefully to the needs of both you and your baby; this is one of the most magical times in people’s lives so we work incredibly hard to enhance it.

Some of our lovely teachersSome of our lovely teachers

Becoming a Water Babies swimming teacher
Our selection and training processes are rigorous. Potential teachers begin with a series of skills assessments and interviews. If they pass those, they go on to obtain a nationally recognised, mainstream, teacher’s swimming-teaching qualification, if they don’t hold one already. Once they have that, they attend the Water Babies course, which involves 7 full days in the pool. Next, they teach at least 20 lessons under supervision, followed by 6 independently assessed practical examinations: three with babies and three with toddlers. Finally, they take a life-saving qualification (which includes paediatric first-aid) and a child-protection workshop. So we really do put them through their paces and it’s not for the faint-hearted!  

Our teachers are fully up to speed with the various stages in baby and child development. Part of their intensive training involves learning to read babies’ and toddlers’ reactions in minute detail, enabling us to maintain their trust and confidence. Just ask a Water Babies teacher about the moro reflex or different tones of crying and you'll soon realise there's a lot of professional knowledge in that blue top!

It doesn’t end there
Initial training is just the beginning: our qualified teachers undergo continual assessment. They must keep up their continuing professional development with Water Babies as well as their mainstream swimming-teaching qualification, and as part of their annual review they’re assessed in the pool at least twice a year.

That's why you can trust us to take the very best care of you and your little one. We won't entrust your baby (or our reputation) to anyone less than the best!