About us

Welcome to the enchanting world of Water Babies!

Water Babies began in the UK in 2002 when a young couple began teaching their children to swim. It wasn’t long before they decided they wanted to teach other babies and toddlers, too… and so Water Babies was born.

Today, Water Babies is the UK and Ireland’s leading baby swim school, teaching more than 48,000 babies and toddlers in around 560 pools every week. Our classes have featured widely across the media and we’ve won lots of awards over the last few years, all voted for by parents.

Following phenomenal growth, and driven by a passion for promoting the benefits of swimming from birth and a commitment to delivering the highest possible standards of service, we're now spreading our water-wings into New Zealand. We really do plan to teach the world to swim!

People are what made Water Babies what it is today, and we’re incredibly proud of ours: our franchise owners; our many teachers, photographers & dipographers; and all those at our head office in the UK. We’re a laid-back yet very determined bunch — who all love babies, love swimming, and love bringing the two together as often as we can.

Great people tend to nurture great values, and we’re equally proud of what Water Babies stands for. The concept of family is so important to us that we do everything we can to promote it — in our classes, in the way we’re organised, and in the way we do business. It means we insist on only the very best for our people and our clients (whether they weigh under 6lbs or measure over 6’).

We’re also very conscious of our community responsibilities. That means thinking about how we can help to save children’s lives; how we can encourage healthy lifestyles and care for the environment; how we can be a better employer and a better customer; and how we can be inclusive of all groups in society.

To us, swimming is about more than moving through water. It’s a great way to develop self-esteem, parental bonding, and social skills — as well as a way to head off any potential fear of water, teach potentially life-saving skills and build a healthy attitude to physical activity, all while having an enormous amount of fun! What could be better?

If you like what we stand for, you might be interested in joining us. We offer a range of career opportunities, both in the water and on dry land, and we mean it when we say that anybody can become anything at Water Babies! All sorts of people, with all sorts of backgrounds, have achieved all sorts of amazing things with us. At Water Babies, there are no limits!

To find out about any current opportunities just get in touch!